Young people have integrated internet into their daily life: chat, blogs, podcasting and other online activities. However, this wonderful tool conceals traps, even for the most aware user. Moreover, it is not always easy to know whom to turn to in case of trouble. As from April 1st, www.web4me.be will reply to questions from young people confronted with virtual forms of racism, voyeurism, fraud, sects, and other doubtful practices. On the same web site they can find solutions to technical problems.


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  • Communiqué de presse: www.web4me.be: "premiers secours" pour les jeunes internautes (.doc - 0ko)
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  • NOUVEAU: CelBel, le nouvel opérateur de téléphonie mobile, piège les ados (.doc - 0ko)
  • Persbericht: www.web4me.be: "eerste hulp" voor jonge internauten (.doc - 0ko)
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    In case of any technical problem, contact maja@edgecommunication.be.