Through public relations, Aptitudes creates a positive perception of the product, the brand or the firm, by means of a well-defined group of opinion leaders.
Good public relations is an essential when launching any new product or service, or in strengthening the identity of a brand or company image. In the advisory stage, Aptitudes' mission is to define your company's institutional message or the image of your brand, to understand the market and the target groups you are aiming at, and to identify and get to know its opinion leaders, in order to work out a sensitisation strategy. In the conceptual stage (and thanks to its widespread and visionary web of relations) Aptitudes offers a multitude of possibilities: artistic events, seminars, conferences, sponsored parties, games, press voyages, press conferences, etc.

Once the project is underway, Aptitudes coordinates all communication operations: conception, production and organization of the event, logistics and communication.