For Aptitudes, press relations are an extension of public relations, and thus directly related to them, as part of a general attitude towards marketing. Press relations are of high importance in the process of transmitting your message through independent observers: the members of the press.
Aptitudes has an excellent knowledge of the press (movements, target groups, mechanisms, editorial approaches, expectations and habits of reporters), due to 20 years' experience of press campaigns and daily media contacts and, last but not least, a database featuring more than 4.000 members of the press working in Belgium.

For every problem there is a tailored solution that will provide the right results.
The choice of the right medium for your communication, which members of the press to inform, the angle of approach, the style, the hook, the presentation... Aptitudes will solve them for you.
Aptitudes is your ideal partner for:
  • The concept, realisation and mailing of your press releases
  • The online presentation of your press releases in the pressroom of the Aptitudes site
  • The organisation of your press conferences
  • The organisation and handling of your press trips
  • The making of your press book
  • The production of your advertorials
  • Any other creative idea, adapted to your budget.