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In order to present a product or develop a brand image, Aptitudes innovates by introducing a whole new concept of exclusive and original editorial productions,
tailored in collaboration with different communication channels targeting young people: radio, television, web, CD, CD-ROM, mobile phone, printed press, etc.

Due to the specificity of their channel, the exclusive productions in specialised media each contribute in their own special way to the whole of the campaign.

For the construction of these productions Aptitudes generally works with professionals in different domains: web designers, DJ's, copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, draughtsmen, artists, stylists, sculptors, models, sportsmen, sociologists, anthropologists and... young people!

Thanks to its know-how in media matters and its knowledge of the different tribes of the young target group, Aptitudes can, with its media productions, help its clients reach all niches from the 15 to 34 year-old group in a reliable way.