Young people make for a very heterogeneous target group. The young target group (15-34 years) - a gathering of various separate target groups - adopt a multitude of ways of living, functioning sometimes displaying, tribal behaviour or special fast changing codes.
These young people are constantly looking for individual experiences and shared emotions.

Their interest points are mainly television, movies, music, nightlife, cartoons, art, sex, fashion, sports, shopping, computer games, Internet, telecom, and... publicity !

This target group is now indifferent to traditional publicity, which it finds unreliable. In order to reach this group in an efficient and reliable way, a brand has to accentuate real values and get its message across in a different way, by means of the interest centres of those young groups.

With the Edge Communication© programs, Aptitudes helps the brand get in touch with young people, in a personal and accurate way, through specialised media and certain events.