a global solution | a professional team
In order to guarantee your magazine's efficiency, Aptitudes sets up a team of specialists to optimise your magazine from A to Z.
These experts ho are familiar with the field you are working in, are all members of the editorial board alongside you and your management team. The task of this board is to supervise the realization of the project.

Every team is composed of:
  • A chief editor: responsible for the magazine's content and its creation, in accordance with the editorial formula.
  • An art director: responsible for the graphical concept, layout and art buying.
  • An account director: assumes final responsibility for the project and the contacts towards the clients.
  • An account assistant: follows up on the creation.
  • A production co-ordinator: his task is to look after the technical aspects.
  • Free-lance professionals: artists/illustrators, photographers, all kinds of creative people, graphic designers, reporters and translators.