a global solution | a professional team
Aptitudes offers you a global solution for the development of your sponsored magazine, on a national as well as international level.
During each phase of the project you can rely on the competence of a tailored professional team.

1. Communication strategy & concept of the magazine
Aptitudes knows which standards a sponsored magazine has to live up to, in order to deliver your message to your target.

2. Editing & creation
The next phase is the actual creation of the magazine. Aptitudes turns the strategy and the concept into an editorial and creative realisation, responding to your objectives and to the sensitivities of your target group.

3. Planning & organisation
The success of a sponsored magazine depends a great deal on a strict and efficient management of the production process. Aptitudes masters these co-ordination skills.

4. Printing and distribution
The quality of the print is important for the look of your magazine. That is why Aptitudes only works with printers who can guarantee a perfect job, even for large quantities. Aptitudes can also distribute your magazine using different channels.

5. Market research
Aptitudes will check the contents and the graphic design of your magazine on a regular basis in order to determine if it is still up to standard with your target group. This way you can be sure to always be working with an up-to-date tool.

6.Advertiser recruitment
Selling advertisement space can be a way of generating extra income. It reduces the production cost and gives your magazine credibility. Once again, Aptitudes can help you with this.