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Relational marketing has become important in company management. Quality contacts with the clients are necessary for an efficient marketing strategy.
To reach this goal you need powerful tools.
The sponsored magazine is an excellent one, because it is the company itself who edits it ! Strategy, concept, editing, translation, graphic creation and layout, printing and distribution are the main phases in the development and the creation of any magazine, which Aptitudes can co-ordinate for you.

The sponsored magazine is a very strong and efficient tool in relational marketing. Its goals are threefold:
  1. In having its own publication, the company creates a permanent bond with its target group and thus reinforces the relation as well as its own trademark.
  2. The company provides information about its latest products and services and can be sure the message gets across, thanks to the editorial frame of reference.
  3. On top of all that, the sponsored magazine enhances the reputation of the brand and, directly or indirectly, stimulates the sales.
The development as well as the creation of your magazine is in the experienced hands of professionals in the communication and editing field. To really sensitise your target and not just reach out for it, Aptitudes can offer you a general solution, tailored to your needs, including a team of specialists who are familiar with the field you are working in.

Newsletters serve the same purpose as the sponsored magazines (but at a lower cost).

The Internet's universal reach makes e-zines - newsletters by e-mail - an excellent vector that lets you communicate in a personalised way, directly reaching each of your contacts' mailboxes, with the possibility of linking the information to your personal site. One-to-one marketing, is quick, effective and economical. Aptitudes can help you with the planning and the contents.