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Levi's© : concerts 1999
Levi's© : festival Pukkelpop 1999
Sponsoring Music Levi's® : 1999 Festival Pukkelpop

Levi's® sponsors the alternative music festival "Pukkelpop" since 1997. This yearly three-day long event gathers all kinds of groups and an enthusiastic audience of (mainly Flemish) young people. It takes place near the city of Hasselt (Belgian province of Limburg). Aptitudes makes this sponsorship known by different press releases.

Strategy / Concept
In 1999 Levi's® organised an original operation around certain European festivals: "Levi's® Festival Roadies". At each festival, Levi's® gives 10 students the opportunity to become a roadie, to help build up the stage and the tents and to help assemble and disassemble the material. This way they can really witness the event from the inside. As a reward they get some money, Levi's® clothes and a VIP-pass for the whole duration of the festival.

Aptitudes takes care of the communication of this Levi's® action towards the press.

written press + radio + television.

Many articles about the concept of the action, the selection and the experiences of the "Levi's® Festival Roadies" have been published in the Belgian press.