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La Clusaz, Saint-Jean de Sixt and Le Grand-Bornand are three French Villages in the Haute Savoie region. They are located in the "Massif des Aravis". They are united in the "Syndicat Intercommunal des Vallées des Aravis (SIVA)" and between 1998 and 2001 their promotion, their PR and press relations in Belgium are handled by Aptitudes.

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The three villages of the Massif des Aravis are of course well-known ski resorts, but they also offer several events and activities in the summertime. The goal is to make the whole of the Massif des Aravis and the resorts in particular known in Belgium.

Strategy / Concept
Introducing the Aravis in the Belgian press and especially in the specialized tourist press as often as possible: organising a press voyage before the summer season to promote the summer actions in the mountain village resorts, and before the winter season to promote all skiing activities. Spotlighting the events that are organized in both periods.

Being present and organising a press conference at the occasion of the different holiday exhibitions taking place in Belgium.

Establishing original promotion partnerships with Belgian restaurants or degree-days in shopping centres, offering people the possibility to win trips to the resorts.

Twice a year, in collaboration with the SIVA, Aptitudes organises a press trip to the Massif des Aravis, helping the journalists to discover the resorts and all they have to offer: sports, culture, gastronomy... In 2000 Aptitudes organised several "Giant Tartiflette" events to which the press and a number of VIP's were invited. The invitation - which was a press file of its own- described this region, where more cows than people live, and gave a small survey of the history and the making of the Reblochon cheese, the main ingredient of the tartiflette, a typical dish from the Savoie.

Aptitudes also developed a one-year partnership with a restaurant in the Walloon part of the province of Brabant. The restaurant has Aravis place mats and all year long each client receives a game-form to complete and put in the Aravis-urn in the restaurant with his bill. Every first Thursday of the month there is a draw for a two-persons stay in the Aravis, apartment and ski lift tokens included. The draw takes place at the monthly "Tartiflette Night", organised by the restaurant. This new form of promotion satisfies both partners.

At the occasion of the two "Tarti-Fêtes", which were organized in October 2000 in Waterloo and Spa during the "24 hours 2CV" race (one of the cars was sponsored by the Massif des Aravis & Côtes du Rhône), 26 kilos of potatoes, 8 kilos of onions, 6 kilos of bacon and 26 farm-made Reblochons were used to satisfy about one hundred tartiflette enthusiasts. The tartiflette was prepared in front of the participants, in a giant pan that had been brought over from the Aravis. Several politicians and athletes were present.

The actions during the monthly "Tartiflette Nights", provided the agency with a huge data base which will be used for more personalised actions promoting the Aravis.