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MUSIC PUBLIC RELATIONS : Levi's® Flat Eric 1999

For the launch of its Sta-Prest collection, Levi's® made a series of video clips in which a funny little yellow plush, named Flat Eric, starred. A young French DJ, unknown at the time, had provided the music for the clips: his name was Quentin Dupieux aka Monsieur Oizo. The star of these publicity spots had to become the star of the year 1999 for the target group.

Strategy / Concept
The goal was to try to get the music of the video clip as high as possible in the dance music hit parade. Together with Levi's® Benelux, Aptitudes worked out an action plan for Belgium.

First phase: creating hype around Flat Eric. Aptitudes invites three Belgian media outlets which share the 16-24 target group (Out Soon, Pulp and Plastiks) to London to discover - in première - the new Levi's® video clip, in order to get acquainted with Flat Eric two months before he is to be seen on European screens. A Digital PR campaign (or e-mail or viral marketing) towards 30 personalities (journalists, fashion designers, VIP's) is put in place. Communication: a teaser in the form of a URL, which leads to a secret Flat Eric website...
Parallel with this, then original, promotion activity (we're at the beginning of 1999), Aptitudes also collaborates with the record company of Monsieur Oizo, to inform radio producers, DJ's and other influential people in the Belgian music business, in order to create the hype around the little yellow plush which is the representation of the Sta-Prest Levi's® clothing line. .

People start talking about it, they hear it on the radio, there are press articles... the rumour spreads and grows. After the clip has been shown on the Belgian and foreign television stations, Aptitudes goes on spreading the information about the link between Flat Eric and Levi's® to all of the Belgian media channels: press, TV, radio, internet, special internet site and the Digital PR campaign.

The music of Monsieur Oizo's Flat Eric clip reaches the August 1999 dance music hit parade's number 1. More than a hundred articles about Flat Eric have appeared in the Belgian press. In a couple of months Monsieur Oizo became a star, and the Sta-Prest Levi's® sales have surpassed the most optimistic expectations.