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Being Levi Strauss® & Co Belgium's Brand PR Agency since 1996, Aptitudes is one of the only European agencies to have gained the loyalty of a national division of the world's number 1 in casual clothing --and this for over five years. Since 1999 Aptitudes has put up Edge Communication© programs to get in touch with the Levi's® target group.

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As far as communication is concerned, Levi's® has one important rule: "never repeat what has already been done". In 1999, once more looking for innovation, Levi's® Belgium and Aptitudes decide to put up a series of original joint-ventures with a selection of young and innovative media outlets, targeting youngsters between 15 and 19 years old.

Strategy / Concept
Parallel to public relations and press, Aptitudes introduces the concept of exclusive and original editorial productions, customised for and in collaboration with young niche media outlets such as the Flemish music magazine Plastiks.

Afterwards the best productions will be joined together with some productions that were made in the Netherlands. Under the name 'Levi's® Lives', this collection will be distributed throughout the Original Levi's® Stores in the Benelux.

Different communication channels are used: radio, television, web, CD, CD-ROM and press all contribute in their own way to the distribution of the exclusive productions.

For the realisation of these productions in the carefully selected Belgian supports, Aptitudes calls on specialists in different domains: journalists, copywriters, translators, photographers, graphic designers, artists, visual artists, fashion designers, models, web designers and DJ's. The collaboration with the Belgian music magazine Plastiks and the brainstorming with its editorial staff lead to the idea of making a series of six monthly articles about a young and relatively unknown DJ. The series is called Bedroom DJ of the Month and the young DJ's are selected by the editor in chief of the monthly magazine. They are interviewed in their favourite workplace: cellar, room or attic. The six bedroom DJ's each get two pages in the magazine to express their deepest thoughts and feelings, dressed in Levi's® of course. In exchange for their visibility in the magazine (products + logo), Levi's® pays a part of the production cost of the reportage.

Six Belgian and three Dutch supports have published the original productions during 1999 (in collaboration with the Dutch Fanclub agency and Levi Strauss® & Co Benelux for the Dutch productions).

The Bedroom DJ's action was completed with the production of a CD that had all their best mixes on it and with a big event in the Antwerp club Café d'Anvers in November 1999, where all six of the Bedroom DJ's were present and where the Plastiks readers could get to know them better by hearing them play live.

In April 2000, as a final touch and in order to support its brand name, Levi's® distributed the booklet Levi's® Lives. The actions undertaken in the Benelux, such as the bedroom DJ's articles are collected in this exclusive street catalogue including a CD-ROM (1500 copies for the Benelux).