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As Levi Strauss® & Co Belgium's Brand PR Agency since 1996, Aptitudes is one of the only European agencies to have gained the loyalty of a national division of the world's number 1 in casual clothing and this for over five years. Since 1999 Aptitudes has put up Edge Communication© programs to get in touch with the Levi's® target group.

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For many years now, Levi's® has been helping young musicians, Belgian amongst others, in their career. One of the bands Levi's® has sponsored in 2000 was the Brussels hip hop formation De Puta Madre, which has been making its way up in Belgium and abroad for a couple of years. It was Aptitudes' task to reveal the link between De Puta Madre and Levi's® to the brand's target group with a very small budget and in less than three weeks time. This had to be done before the concert of the band at the Ancienne Belgique begin February 2000.

Levi's® also worked with other young music bands, such as Sharko, Das Pop and FlexaLyndo.

Strategy / Concept
The young target group is particularly interested in the musical scene. That is why Aptitudes continues to work on editorial productions in collaboration with the Belgian music magazines MoFo and RifRaf.

In a subtle but clear way, the productions announce Levi's® sponsoring of the groups: by means of photos and interviews, the groups are spotlighted and their next concerts are announced.

In less than a week, Aptitudes plans and realises an original production, (photos, layout and text) to be published in the music magazine MoFo. In the production De Puta Madre is shown dressed in Levi's®, announcing its next concert.

Next comes a collaboration between Aptitudes and the music magazine RifRaf, participating in a series of original print productions of two pages per magazine: two Belgian groups, dressed by Levi's®, initiate the magazine's readers in the latest musical trends in a big European city. The series is called TripHoppin' and is about going out, trendy places, mentality, musical styles, etc

The group De Puta Madre got the back cover of the MoFo magazine in February 2000. A couple of weeks later the economics magazine Tendances mentioned the originality and the innovation of this communication method.

Das Pop, a group from Ghent, presented the city of Manchester to the readers of RifRaf magazine, while FlexaLyndo did the same with Stockholm.