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Axe, a product of Lever Fabergé Belgium (division of Unilever), is the deodorant with the highest market share in the 16-24 years group in Belgium.

Axe 2001
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The Edge Communication© part of Axe Gravity communication plan presents an innovative, original and appropriate mixture for its target group.

Show Edge Communication© for Axe Gravity 2001.

Though the market leader, Axe realises that it only reaches a part of its target group and wishes to present itself to the whole of sub-target groups in different ways. It feels the need to be increasingly innovative so it can constantly surprise.
While confirming Axe's image as a seducers' brand, the target is to humorously, originally and pertinently launch Gravity, the new Axe fragrance.

Strategy / Concept
In order to attain an effective impact on the different young tribes through their interest fields, Aptitudes proposes anEdge Communication© program that is entirely designed and customized for Axe.

The whole campaign is based on the first "seduction card game": the 54 original cards of the Axe Seduction Game each presenting a solution to complete the Axe effect. This way Axe confirms its position as a professional seducer, while preserving its sense of humour and masculinity. A selection of media partners, all participating in one way or another in the creation or the distribution of the game, helps to create the hype.

Axe wanted to establish its credibility by organizing a new kind of event. A high quality, artistic tour co-produced by Out Soon magazine and the French troupe Art point M. Young people all over Belgium loved it; At the end of the tour, in July 2001 Zero Gravity Ax'perience was organized in London.

TheEdge Communication© program also includes Axe's presence as a co-sponsor in other events for other sub-target groups. The agency selects these events, in full agreement with the client.

Aptitudes completes the programme with its media communication: the indy press as well as the mainstream and professional magazines (media, marketing) relay the information about the Gravity Ax'perience events and the Axe Seduction Game. In exchange for invitations to the events or for card games their readers can win, certain media also help promoting the product by offering space in their magazines.

presenting the new Gravity fragrance in a subtle way, the editorial productions add the gravity theme to the traditional Axe values: sense of humour and seduction.

As a nice souvenir of the editorial productions, we can recall the 54 cards of the Axe Seduction Game all of which contain ideas on and thoughts about seduction. They are meant to give someone food for thought, and their beauty makes people want to collect them as if they were works of art. Aptitudes works with graphic designers and artists who all put their sensitivity and their feelings about seduction in their work: each card has a different image in front, and on the back you can read a piece of advice, a proverb, or a funny thought. Each card is meant to be an original tool for the young seducer (M/F), a short message to help him or her at the occasion of their first contact, which might even make things easier, and which is kept afterwards. By the end of April 2001 the first 24 cards of the Axe seduction Game were distributed as individual cards in a rather exclusive way, and later, from May on, even more exclusively, as a complete card game.

On the web as well, each card of the seduction game can be sent as an e-card. Therefore you can find an e-seduction game on www.axe.be. The events and other surprises can be discovered in the Axe Gravity section of www.axe.be.