serge dielens | Aptitudes' staff
Ever since he launched Aptitudes, Serge Dielens has been the managing director of the agency.
The publication of his book Pour un jogging réfléchi in 1984 was the start of his journalistic career in the written press. He has worked for Weekend/Le Vif-l'Express, Le Soir, Sport Magazine, etc. Ten years later he found himself co-ordinating the editing of sponsored (consumer) magazines for Belgacom and the National Lottery. At the same time he was working as an independent consultant for several press relations and PR-agencies, an occupation he maintained until the creation of his own agency in Brussels in 1990.

Until 1997, however, he was dividing his time between being a sports teacher in several well-known high schools, a theoretic course on "Study and organization of leisure activities" (U.C.L., 1987-1989). All this while developing Aptitudes.

Between 1985 and 1993 Serge Dielens was also in charge of several main national and international events, combining sports with humanitarian help, such as World Runners, Sport Aid and Sportifs pour Médecins sans Frontières Belgium.

Besides his passion for different sports, his hobbies mirror his chronic and multidisciplinary curiosity. He takes a firm interest in various subjects, like literature (essays, social sciences, media), travelling, adventure, music, theatre, dance and contemporary circus.

His academic education reveals his dynamism: Serge Dielens graduated in Physical Education (UCL), as well as in Leisure and Work Environment (3ème cycle, ULB), has a degree in Public Relations (INEREP, Brussels) and one in Marketing and Advertising (Solvay Business School, ULB-VUB-BMMA). He has never stopped refreshing and completing his personal formation in Dramatic Arts, Time Management and Sports either.