Every communication policy is the result of a strategic choice. Written, spoken or audio-visual, every technique has to enhance the message and has to be adapted to its particular audience. Every technique has its own value and a time when it may be most appropriate.
It is Aptitudes' role to suggest a variety of tools adapted to the content of the message, the profile of the company and its addressees, and the impact the company wants its campaign to have. Coherency and homogeneity are the key words.

Throughout the spectrum of communication techniques which are used to address consumers (B2C) or companies (B2B), Aptitudes has specialised in Public Relations, Press Relations, Media Promotion and Edge Communication©. Besides these specialities, Aptitudes also offers a series of services. Services integrated in the communication strategy defined with the client, or for more precise needs. Whether they are integrated in the communication strategy that has been defined with the client, or for more particular needs, the following techniques are also part of Aptitudes' competencies:
  • Organisation of events
  • Media training & media coaching
  • Sponsored magazines
  • Copywriting and translation
  • New media